Global Perspectives of Enterprise Risk Management in a Changing World – 2021

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Speakers: Mark Ripley, UK Government Finance Function
Linda Irvine, Risk Management Branch, Province of British Columbia
Moderator: Tom Brandt, IRS

While ERM adoption within the U.S. federal government is still in its relatively early stages following the 2016 issuance of OMB Circular A-123, many other governments world-wide have been at the practice of ERM for much longer. Through this session, participants will have the opportunity to hear from the leaders of long-standing ERM initiatives in the United Kingdom and the Canadian Province of British Columbia that are considered as best-in class examples of government-wide ERM program. They’ll share lessons learned from their experience in keeping ERM relevant during periods of change, including insights into the key skill sets of effective risk leaders along with methods for leveraging ERM to help the broader government during periods of crisis.