Tackling OMB A 123 with Aperitisoft Virtual Demo – 2021

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Gary Bierc, rPM3 Solutions
Ken Fletcher, Kestrel Hawk Consulting

This software demonstration/tour will show you how to manage you’re OMB A-123 requirements using rPM3 Solutions’ Aperitisoft™ software solution. This feature rich software was purpose-built to support ERM practitioners and logically structured to mirror the ERM process. A built-in survey tool supports risk identification, developing likelihood and impact factors, and risk evaluation and is easily tailored to meet your specific needs and unique requirements. The survey feature supports polling, interviews, and workshops, and simplifies collecting, compiling, and manipulating risk assessment information. Intuitive forms for entering information guide users through the ERM process from setting the context and risk identification through risk response planning & monitoring (including KRIs and linking to controls). Every aspect of your ERM process is captured in Aperitisoft™, so you won’t need to use excel spreadsheets or other Office suite products to get the job done.

In this session, Gary Bierc and Ken Fletcher will demonstrate how to use the software to conduct an agency strategic risk assessment.