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2021 Federal Risk Awareness Video

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Karen Weber, Department of Treasury

This video was presented at the Opening Reception for the 2021 ERM Summit, this session is available to AFERM Members and non-Members.

2020 ERM Summit Closing Remarks

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Speaker: Nicole Puri, Incoming AFERM President

Due to technical difficulties in playing this video the day of the Summit, this session is available to AFERM Members and non-Members.

Examining Risk through Gaming – 2019

While the tools in the ERM playbook are helpful in gathering information on risk and then prioritizing risk, often a more fruitful examination of cross-functional risk may be accomplished through gaming, experimentation, or scenario-based planning. These techniques involve examining/walking through a given scenario (or set of scenarios) with pertinent organizational stakeholders, employing various methodologies to frame the problem and provide as much (or as little) structure, as needed. The scenario may be supported by technology (gaming tools, Google maps with data overlays, etc.) however the keys to success is having a facilitation team, skilled in expert elicitation, guiding the discussion, capturing the interchanges, then analyzing the results to assess and prioritize potential outputs to better inform risk management.

Speakers: LCDR Lewis Motion, U.S. Coast Guard; Stewart Brown, Dunkirk Partners; Jessica Stewart, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


Moving the Conversation from Risk Management to Value Management – 2019

This session explored how risk management contributes to the ultimate goal of any organization: the delivery of maximum stakeholder value. Capturing the true value of ERM requires integration of results sought, resources allocated, and risks accepted and managed through a portfolio management process across the entire organization. Panelists shared their experiences, including challenges and end results.

Speakers: Tom Brandt, Chief Risk Officer, IRS; Ken Fletcher, President, AFERM


The Path to ERM at the Largest Charitable Organization in the U.S. – 2019

The YMCA’s path to ERM was both a learning experience and an example of real success.  Join Nancy Owens for a discussion of ERM at the YMCA, including how their thinking evolved about ERM over time, how they corralled their risks, how -they identify and manage risks, what their governance looks like and what role the audit committee plays, and how they filter on new priorities, all in the context of a not-for-profit organization.

Speaker: Nancy Owens, Senior Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer, YMCA of the USA