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The Business of Government Hour: Conversation with Authors with Tom Stanton and Doug Webster

An audio conversation with AFERM members Tom Stanton and Doug Webster discussing: What is Enterprise Risk Management? How can federal agencies successfully implement ERM? What are some of the key challenges implementing ERM? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with Doug Webster and Tom Stanton, authors of Improving Government Decision Making through Enterprise Risk Management.

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Why ‘complete ERM’ is a myth

A CGMA Magazine article by Neil Amato. Risk oversight has grown in importance among all types of organisations this decade, but some of the gains can be attributed to public companies responding to US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules related to risk disclosures…

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AFERM 2016 ERM Public Sector Survey

Federal ERM Practitioners,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2016 AFERM ERM Public Sector Survey.  This year, we hope to obtain feedback from 75+ practitioners from across the Federal government.  Co-sponsored with PwC, the survey will capture feedback from Federal risk management practitioners through their responses to a web-based questionnaire, followed by a number of in-person interviews.

Thank you for submitting your response and in helping make AFERM grow as a vibrant community of practice for all Federal ERM practitioners!

AFERM Communications Committee

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AFERM ERM Public Sector Survey 2015 Results

We are pleased to provide the attached results of the first annual AFERM ERM Survey.  Nearly 30 practitioners from the Federal Government participated in the Survey.  Co-sponsored with PwC, the survey captures feedback from Federal risk management practitioners through their responses to the questionnaire and a number of in-person interviews.

Some key takeaways from the Survey include the following:

  • Effective risk management is a necessity and ERM is widely recognized as a growing best practice in the Federal Government
  • The amount of resources deployed in support of ERM will increase in both the near-term and the foreseeable future
  • Successful implementation and maturation of an ERM program in the Federal space requires the support and commitment of Agency leadership

Thank you to PwC for helping lead the ERM Survey!

AFERM Communications Committee


Tom Stanton’s Interview of Nancy Potok, COO at the Census Bureau

Nancy Potok, PhD has been Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Census Bureau since August 2012. Before that she served as Deputy Undersecretary for Economic Affairs at the Department of Commerce where she was part of a small group that decided to implement risk management at the department and at Census in particular.