Podcast: How the Federal Government Thinks about Risk with Marianne Roth

Marianne Roth is the Chief Risk Officer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and she is also the President of the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM). In this episode, she explains how the government thinks and assesses risk on a national scale and how young professionals can get their foot in the door to make a difference within the government.
Key Takeaways:
  • A little bit about Marianna and her work at CFPB.
  • How did Marianne discover risk management?
  • As someone who once worked for TSA, Marianne has some wild stories!
  • Someone once tried to sneak an alligator onto a plane.
  • How does the government think about risk?
  • Marianne shares how the TSA thought about risk and modified their security operations to better serve the people.
  • What does it take to be a good risk manager at TSA?
  • How does Marianne think about community and expanding her professional network?
  • Marianne explains how you navigate different political parties and leadership objectives in her industry every 4 years.
  • Marianne explains some of the strategies she’s incorporating to attract new talent.
  • What’s next for Marianne?
  • What advice would Marianne give her younger self?
  • How is the federal government thinking about diversity and inclusion when it comes to the risk management space?
  • Mentioned in This Episode: Consumerfinance.gov Marianne on LinkedIn
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A Conversation with Tom Brandt, Chief Risk Officer, U.S. Internal Revenue Service

What are benefits of pursuing enterprise risk management? How can risk management enhance agency decision-making? What is the mission of the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM)? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with our very special guest, Tom Brandt, Chief Risk Officer, at the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

On Managing Risk in Government – A Research Portfolio

Risk is everywhere.

It is a condition of existence and government agencies aren’t immune from the slings and arrows of uncertainty. Risk takes many forms and continue to morph and transform with the pace of technology and the reality interconnectedness. It is a leadership imperative for government executives to mitigate the potency of uncertainty by managing the realities of risk and the IBM Center can help them…mitigate risk and make better decisions. Tackling risks requires the right tools and recognized best practices. Dr. Karen Hardy’s report outlines the fundamentals of enterprise risk management ERM in government…answering the how to and the why not? The first step in tackling risk is defining it and it isn’t always negative. Risk can present opportunities. Government Leaders can redefine risk as “uncertainty that matters” and Dr. Doug Webster and Tom Stanton can show you how… outlining practical steps to improving decision making using ERM. Many federal programs are at risk unable or incapable to achieving missions mitigating program risk is key to making government work better. Prof Donald Kettl report, provides a guide of steps risky federal programs can take to manage risk, improve results. Whether you face …. Integrity Risk Financial Risk Cyber Risks Or, risks associated with technological breakthroughs and disruptions…

This video provides an overview of many IBM Center for The Business of Government resources on risk.