Examining Risk through Gaming – 2019

While the tools in the ERM playbook are helpful in gathering information on risk and then prioritizing risk, often a more fruitful examination of cross-functional risk may be accomplished through gaming, experimentation, or scenario-based planning. These techniques involve examining/walking through a given scenario (or set of scenarios) with pertinent organizational stakeholders, employing various methodologies to frame the problem and provide as much (or as little) structure, as needed. The scenario may be supported by technology (gaming tools, Google maps with data overlays, etc.) however the keys to success is having a facilitation team, skilled in expert elicitation, guiding the discussion, capturing the interchanges, then analyzing the results to assess and prioritize potential outputs to better inform risk management.

Speakers: LCDR Lewis Motion, U.S. Coast Guard; Stewart Brown, Dunkirk Partners; Jessica Stewart, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


Understanding the Cost & Complexity of Cybersecurity & Data Privacy – 2019

Safeguarding the security and privacy of sensitive customer data has become a business critical requirement. Unfortunately, most struggle to effectively prioritize among the myriad cyber risks and to make a persuasive business case for mitigation, due to an inability to quantify cyber risks and a lack of a value-based ERM approach to cyber risk management. In this session, we discuss the cybersecurity and data privacy threat landscape and how a value-based ERM approach is used to identify and mitigate the key cyber risks and help a CISO align their priorities within the ERM program.

Speakers: Sim Segal, Columbia University; Shahryar Shaghaghi, CohnReznick Advisory


A Conversation with Tom Brandt, Chief Risk Officer, U.S. Internal Revenue Service

What are benefits of pursuing enterprise risk management? How can risk management enhance agency decision-making? What is the mission of the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM)? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with our very special guest, Tom Brandt, Chief Risk Officer, at the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).