2023 Government Risk Awareness Week Day 2: State & Local Outreach Committee

The State and Local Outreach Committee is designed to promote ERM education and professional development by bridging federal, state, and local ERM government entities.  This involves creating an inclusive environment for exchanging ideas, sharing effective practices, and discussing common experiences for the betterment of all ERM government practitioners.

The Committee was developed out of national need to start involving various levels of government to start engaging in ERM best practices and educational opportunities.  By opening new channels and networks to all public entities that share in the critical need to manage their risks, the true value of ERM emerges for every level of government.  Federal government practitioners bring their maturity of experience to state and local practitioners; whereas state and local practitioners bring innovation and agile ideas that may benefit federal practitioners.  Bringing together all levels of government ERM practitioners for deep conversation and dialog will benefit all participants by increasing their understanding and awareness of ERM practices and approaches.

2024 will be a pivotal year for AFERM.  At the November Summit, AFERM will be announcing the first State and Local Outreach Committee Members to serve and represent state and local government entities implementing ERM across the U.S.  These positions include:

  • National Committee Chair
  • National Vice Committee Chair
  • National Committee Advisor
  • Western Regional Representative
  • Midwestern Regional Representative
  • Northeastern Regional Representative
  • Southern Regional. Representative

If you are interested in ERM or currently have a program and the state and local level, we encourage to reach out to us and join the state and local outreach group. We are here to build a coalition of ERM professionals at all levels of government. Regardless of where you are at in your ERM journey, our first mission is to just find you! To reach us, please visit us at AFERM’s website at https://www.aferm.org/committees/

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