2023 Government Risk Awareness Week Day 3: SACoP

Who? The Small Agency Community of Practice (SACoP) provides an open and engaging venue for federal government Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practitioners from small agencies to share their best practices and resources on ERM implementation. SACoP serves as a forum for Risk Professionals to discuss common challenges, brainstorm solutions, and provide learning opportunities, while fostering networking and collaboration. All government (local, state, and federal) ERM practitioners are welcome to join SACoP. In fact, ERM practitioners who manage component-level ERM programs at large agencies have found the SACoP discussions relevant and helpful because they face similar challenges.

Why? Small government agencies may have fewer staff and financial resources dedicated for ERM implementation. ERM practitioners from small agencies may benefit from leveraging their relationships with colleagues engaged in risk management within their agencies and meeting ERM professionals external to their agencies, to advance their ERM program’s efforts.

What? SACoP co-Chairs poll their members annually for potential ERM topics of interest for presentations and discussions. Common themes that have emerged over the years include:

  1. ERM training and risk awareness tools and techniques
  2. ERM and audits and ERM’s relationship with internal controls
  3. Integration of ERM with budget, strategy, and performance
  4. Understanding risk appetite statements and tolerance levels
  5. Cyber ERM and Data Analytics ERM Communities of Interest

Where? SACoP meets virtually each month on the third Wednesday at 2 pm from January to September. Quarterly in-person networking gatherings are planned around downtown DC, in March, June, and September. SACoP members also meet during the annual Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM) Summit and Government Risk Awareness Week.

When? SACoP was formed in 2016, around the release of the revised OMB Circular A-123: Management’s Responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control to help small agencies fulfill the federal requirements to implement ERM outlined in the circular.

How? Interested federal ERM practitioners from all agencies are welcome to join SACoP. AFERM membership is not required. ERM practitioners who manage component-level ERM programs at large agencies have found the SACoP discussions relevant and helpful and are welcome to join. State and local government ERM practitioners may also join, if interested. Please click on the link below to sign up or contact the co-Chairs for additional information.


We look forward to hearing about your ERM efforts and welcoming you into the ERM SACoP.


Marianne Roth, SACoP Co-Chair
Anu Sharma, SACoP Co-Chair

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